LinRAR - Support

Installation Instructions

To install LinRAR you need to have the following installed: The only one you probably wont have installed already will be rar. You can download this from rarlabs as a static binary. Click Here to download it. Download it, extract the file and then copy or link the rar binary to a directory in your path (such as /usr/bin).

Installation from this point on is simple.
    1) Download LinRAR from the Download page.
    2) Extract the file (tar xvzf LinRARx.x.tar.gz).
    3) Change into the LinRAR directory (cd LinRARx.x).
    4) Run the installation script (./ or sh
Once this has completed succesfully you will have the LinRAR binary in the LinRARx.x directory. To run it just type "./linrar" or "sh linrar".


Because LinRAR is a fairly new project there is no mailing list, forum or FAQ available yet so if you're having trouble installing or using LinRAR email